We’re almost ready to launch our brand new formula… and we think it’s even better than before! We’ve been unable to source Macadamia Wax - a key ingredient in our balm - any longer, which meant we had to find a replacement for that ingredient. Sigh. Not as easy as we thought it would be! So many things we tried just weren’t giving us the end result we were used to. So we went back to the drawing board and we are now (hopefully!!) in the final days of product testing. (Edit: just wasn’t up to our standards!) Then we can get new labels happening, website back up and running, and have Tattoo Balm back on the market for you. To be notified of when everything is ready to go, you can sign up below to the Divine Infusions Newsletter (they’re very rare, so you’re certainly not going to start getting a bunch of junk mail, and of course you can unsubscribe at any time)

DECEMBER 2017 UPDATE: So with being in the shop all the time, it’s been very difficult to properly focus on reformulating. So, we have made the decision to close the shop mid-December and relocate to the Blue Mountains. The ABSOLUTE TOP PRIORITY in the New Year once we settle in is to get the Balm happening again, come hell or high water!

Thank you to those who have been sending us encouragement, our apologies to those who have been telling us to hurry up, and our gratitude to everyone for you patience and understanding. xx

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"Having tattooed for well over 20 years, I have always searched for the best products to use on my clients. Tattoo Balm is one of the best things I have come across to not only make the tattoo process better, but to aid in my clients' skin healing.

Being all natural, it is by far a better and safer alternative to traditional vaseline and petroleum jelly... check it out and you'll see for yourself what I mean."

Respected multi-award winning tattooist, Chris Rand

Michele Madden

“When I go natural, I want natural…

I use Tattoo Balm (by Divine Infusions) on my ink to make it pop when shooting, and every day for skin that would send me flowers by way of thanks if it could… it’s THAT good and I love  it”

- Michele

Tattoo Aftercare that is chemical free, fragrance free, all natural and vegan friendly. Our handcrafted, multipurpose balm has NO chemicals, petroleum, lanolin, parabens, animal products or artifical ingredients… so now you can keep your tattoo, your skin and even your conscience healthy! Not tested on animals. Great for sensitive skin.  

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